Getting ready for a show

20 06 2009
We have just had three HUGE shows one on top of each other – 3 in about 5 weeks and it nearly killed me.  Most people don’t realise it, but Unique Stitching is just me with a bit (or really a lot)  of help from the three boys.  Over the period leading up to the shows we finally got rain which was great, but not so great for drying 30 or 40 kilos of dyed silk.  Even though we are quite well set up for this, we had to come up with creative ways to dry the bigger bits of silk and the wools.  I am going to load some pictures I took getting ready for Perth and the Textiles show.  The first shows me set up and ready to dye.  Wool and silk soaking in the buckets, dyes ready to mix.

Ready to dye

Below, I have one of the many sets of silk caps hanging inside to ‘warm up’ so we could determine whether they were in fact dry enough to pack.

Silk caps waiting

Finally, here are some of the hankies ready to pack.  Packing and labelling is usually done by the boys in front of the television.  They are amazing and I could not do this without them.


Tomorrow, we start again.




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