Dyeing, dyeing and more dyeing

5 07 2009

First post of the week. Goodness it has been hectic. I have spent most of the weekend “space dyeing” wool and silk. Space dyeing is how you get the variegated effect on the fibre. I have about 30 colour ways in the space dyed and about the same in the submerged dyed fibre. 1 kilo (at least) of fibre by up to 60 colour ways certainly is full on and takes several weeks to process. Now, to get it all dry so that I can do the next lot.  Four that are dry are shown below.  Hard to believe they all start out the same colour isn’t it?

wool july 09




4 responses

8 07 2009

Hi Cecile,
Just discovered your blog. Welcome to the blogosphere – lovely to read about your day-to-day adventures.

9 07 2009

Hi Erica,
thanks. I have not told anyone yet about the blog, hopeing to actually keep it up for a while before I invite others to join me. So far so good, though I will never be a daily blogger – too much else to do.

11 07 2009
Sue Dennis

Hi Cecile
So interesting to see how you get through dying such large quantities. I’m looking forward to your blogs. I’m totally addicted to reading blogs these days & am a daily blogger.
cheers, Sue

11 07 2009

Hi Sue
thanks for your comment. I aspire to blog daily but I would have to forgo sleep. Hopefully I will be able to maintain a couple of times a week

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