Low water immersion dyeing

11 07 2009

I get asked a lot about how I dye my fabrics and silks.  I do these one of two ways; a space dyed or variegated finish and a low water immersion technique.

The low water immersion technique is fast, easy and very effective.  I soak my fabric in the “mordant” or the reacting agent and wring it out.  I then place the fabric or fibre in a large container, slightly larger than the total amount of the fibre being dyed.  I then randomly pour the first colour over the fibre and mix it in.

First colour

I then add the second and third colour.  I usually put three colours in all my hand dyes.  Sometimes they are blended such as three blues, sometimes they are contrasting, like this example.

Second colour addedAdd the third colour





Then I massage the colours together, blending them and ensuring that the colour is all the way through the fabric and fibre. 

All the colours blended

Tomorrow I will load a picture of the finished and dry silk batt.




2 responses

16 07 2009

Looks like you’ve got blogging down to a fine art (pun intended!) 🙂

Would love to find out what ‘space dying’ is too! (sounds like it should be done on a rocket ship!).

16 07 2009

Hi Neroli
yes, better than facebook! Though I am getting better at that too. I will do a blog on the space dyeing when I next do some. Right now I am literally up to my elbows in dye getting the silks ready for next week. I am never as organised as I would like to be.
see you there.

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