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12 07 2009

Today was beautiful here, a perfect winter day.  The forecast was for showers, but fortunately, for me anyway, they stayed away.  A mild day with a gentle breeze – PERFECT for drying! 

Here is the silk batt that was in the dye pot yesterday.  It is a new colour for my silks.  So far I have dyed batts, caps, mulberry and tussah silk top in this colour way.

outback opals sml

I have been knitting lately, much to the shock of everyone who knows me.  This is largely due to access to some stunning wools from Carol at  Rainbow Wools.  Some of the pieces I have been knitting have been made so that I can felt them.  Checkout the before and after felting pictures below.  What will I do with these next?  Watch this space.

 knittingfelted knitting




6 responses

13 07 2009
Stephanie from Perth

Congrats on the Blog Cecile,
I am working on one of your silk caps at the moment, beautiful to handle.
Lovely to see you in Perth and then Sydney.

13 07 2009

Hi there Stephanie,
thank you. I am amazed anyone is visiting really, but shows how little I know. I would love to see a photo of what you are making with the cap. I just adore the silks to work with – can’t beat the lustre and softness.

13 07 2009

Welcome to the blogosphere Cecile and congratulations on choosing WordPress as your blogging platform. Feel free to drop me an e-mail if you ever have any WP blogging questions.

13 07 2009

Thanks Brenda,
I don’t really know what I am doing yet, but am working it out slowly. I liked the look of WordPress as it seemed to be more imteractive and easier for the cyber challenged like me. So far I am very happy with it. I will let you know if I run into touble!

14 07 2009
Sally Westcott

I love what you are doing. I’ll be spending time studying your tutorials – I got the fabric and I’ve got the dyes but not the courage to take the first step! I think you just might be the inspiration I need (your instructions are written in plain English!). If your don’t mind I’ll attach a link to you blog on my blog.


14 07 2009

Thanks Sally, I hope you do pull out the fabric and dyes, you have no idea how much fun you will have. Be warned though, it is a bit addictive. I would be honoured if you added a link to your blog.

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