A very creative and productive day

31 07 2009

All week this week, I have had children at home with the Flu.  My older son, Stephen’s whole year 12 cohort was excluded for a week when less than 50 of the 175 Yr 12s showed up for school on Monday – the rest of the students off sick.  I have learnt all sorts of interesting facts about the flu vrs Swine flu this week, particularly that in most cases the doctors are not even testing for swine flu unless you are REALLY sick and that the presence of pneumonia with the flu is one of the potential warning indicators of the potential for rapid deterioration.  Fortunately for us, no pneumonia, slow but steady improvement and both boys should be back at school on Monday.  I am well and truely over this winter and all the lurgies.

However, today I decided I was going to create some samples and worksheets.  I have made silk paper from a silk batt; felted a long scarf using prefelts and hand dyed wool top, decorated a wool and silk blend wrap with Shiva stiks and started some velvet applique.  I will load pictures of everything as it dries or is ready to show. 

I am still waiting for the Shiva to dry on my wrap, but here is a picture of the work in progress.  This is a really light weigWrap embellished with Gold Shivaht, but really warm wool/silk blend that I hand dyed (imagine it being red!).  I have been wearing it all winter as is and am pleased I have finally found the time to embellish it as planned.  I used one of the fabulous Laura Murray Stencils and a gold iridescent Shiva Stik.  I will soon have all of Laura’s stencils on the website for purchase.  They are gorgeous. 

I used this process to take some photos and build a one page worksheet/tutorial on using stencils and Shiva stiks.  This is now loaded on the Free Stuff page of this blog for you to use and share.  It is pretty simple and straight forward, but so are these products.

I am very happy with the felting I did today, but it is currently hanging out to dry so photos tomorrow.




2 responses

1 08 2009
Sue Dennis

Hi Cecile
I’ve also jazzed up a plain wrap with shiva sticks & rubbing plates. A lot of fun & very personal. Hope the household is back to normal soon.
cheers, Sue

2 08 2009

Hi Sue,
the Shiva are amazing. I have now moved on to a skirt I accidently got paint on and may just keep colouring.


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