An extremely rare opportunity

5 12 2009

My baby boy does not like photos. In fact, we have about a decade where there are no photos other than school ones to prove his existence.   Anyway, he conceeded that the event of his Year 10 formal probably justified one or two, so I have to share.  They are not great, because I was rushed and the lighting was not great, but there is no way I would have gotten more constructed photos, so beggars can’t be choosers. I refer to him as the ‘little one’, though at 6 foot he is starting to take exception to this. Many of you may have met him at shows over the years, but he scrubbed up nicely in the suit.  He and his friend had a lovely night.





One response

10 12 2009

My precious little man!!!! What a VERY HANDSOME young man he has become; none of us is surprised with that though, are we?! I’ve sent him a couple of messages on face book telling him how handsome I think he is. I’ve not made them public messages – I realise it’s a big embarrassment to have his Marnie as a friend, so will keep messages private. We love the concept of face book simply because it enables us to keep up with what the four grandies are doing.

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