Samples for make and takes

16 01 2010

Last weekend, I spent Sunday afternoon preparing some samples for one of my Craft show classes. It was a lot of fun.  Working on a small scale is always a great way to experiment with ideas and different techniques.  Below is one of my favourite samples.  I may add others as I go.

This weekend I am off to Auckland.  While I am there, I will be doing a class with Lesley Riley.  Thank goodness for frequent flier points and friends you can impose on for a bed.  Back Monday.




3 responses

20 01 2010

Hi Cecile –

Do you run workshops in the ACT outside of the craft fairs? If not, are you planning any for this August?


25 01 2010

Hi Naomi
I am going to try to schedule 4-6 classes this year in the ACT, but am still working out the detail. If you have registered for newsletters on the website –, I will announce any through there. Is there anything in particular you are after?

26 01 2010

Hi Cecile –

Fantastic news. I’m interested in pretty much anything art quilt related, and have just purchased the art quilt collection to get myself started. Fabric modification, e.g. paintstiks, overpainting, stamping, etc, would also be good.

My biggest issue with workshops is that I need wheelchair access (or close to it), and I can’t generally manage full day workshops, which I know makes things difficult. I’ve registered for the newsletters, so I’ll keep a close eye out.


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