I’m a Liquitex Surface Design Centre Authorised Retailer ….

26 01 2010

I have a sticker that tells me so.  Woo Hoo.  Seriously though, these are a very interesting range of paints.  In a typical example of what is old is new again, these paints, which have been manufactured since 1956, have had a massive resurgence with a number of US Surface Design Artists moving over to them and a massive support program being developed by C&T Publishing. 

I am adding four links to this post which take you to the CT blog.  There is some interesting information that will get the most inexperienced surface designer creating fabric masterpieces in no time.  I will be interested in what you think.





We will carry the full range available under this promotion and potentially a lot more.  The books and DVDs are interesting  and very useful.  They are in stock now, with more on the way as we speak.  I am loading these products onto the website tonight and tomorrow.  Then will get stuck in to some serious playing.




3 responses

26 01 2010
Georgina Greenwood

Sounds really exciting, cant wait to see the results of your playing…and to try myself….

11 02 2010
Marie Holly

Am hoping the book will help with colour mixing of paints. Will eagerly await arrival. The info on links was good.

22 05 2010
vera j brooks

Iwould like to learn more about liquitex paints for fabric also more aboud your work and I read you had a book which I would like to know more about I do encaustic work and have for 30 years like most of us we branch out to other things I have been working on fabiccomputers are very new to me so please for give mistakes.thank you VJ

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