I love AQC

28 04 2010

I really, really do.   So, for the sixth year we are at AQC, set up and ready to go.  Tonight was the delegate welcome cocktail party, although I have definitely never been there as a delegate, I have not missed an AQC social event since inception.  It was lovely to see so many familiar faces and now old friends.  I was amazed at how many people I knew.

The night began with a close encounter with Elvis who, apparently has been dead too long to remember some of his songs.  No kidding.  Then the magic began – literally.  I sat in the back (in an attempt not to have to dance with Elvis) so missed the name of the very impressive young magician, but he provided a lot of laughs and fun.

The winners of the APQ challenge were announced.  Some amazing quilts.  I will leave the announcements to others, but the quality of the entries is astounding.  I can’t wait to get to see them all in the flesh.

The night ended with a very entertaining and inspiring talk by Sue Benner.  OH MY GOD.  Her work is amazing.  Go to her website and check it out at www.suebenner.com

Well done Gary, Judy, Daniel and the rest of the Expertise team.  I can’t wait for dinner on Saturday, but we have some busy days trading ahead of us before then.  See me immediately inside the front door.




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