Back from AQC, getting focused

8 05 2010

We are back from AQC, which was a fantastic show, and now need to get focused on catching up and working towards the next three shows, all of which are very close together.

Perth is next and only ten days until I fly out.  Fortunately most of the stock went straight from Melbourne, but there was a lot to top up and pack.  After that, we have a two week break and then Darling Harbour and Textiles straight after each other.

The Textile Art Festival is looking like being another great show.  Organised in the way of AQC, with tutors running classes as well as the schedule of classes you would find at the Quilt and Craft Fairs.  I have submitted four classes – two six hour (all day) and two three hours (half day).  The schedule should be out soon and I hope that some of you will join me.

Today has been a glorious Canberra autumn day.  I love autumn.  Coming from north Qld, I love the change of seasons.  It is one of the things that brought me here originally so long ago.  I have been dyeing fabrics and fibres to fill some orders, but also dyed some fat eighths for a project that I hope to complete tomorrow.  Yes, really, tomorrow.  I don’t have any more time available so it is tomorrow or nothing.  Any way, I have dyed 36 different blues.  It is amazing how you can do this.  Three tablespoons of dye powder, 36 different fat eighths.

Here are some photos of the process.  The first shows the fabric submerged  in the dye.  The second shows the fabric out of the dye, ready to be soaked and rinsed.

 The fabric is all on the line.  I may show you a progress photo as I go tomorrow.




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