Little Boxes on a hill side, little boxes made of tiffy taffy

9 05 2010

What is tiffy taffy? Anyway, that song has been going through my head for the last week and is starting to drive me insane.  Hopefully now I have finished the little boxes class sample, I can find a new song.  The fabrics I dyed yesterday are now a quilt.  I need to add some embellishment, but for now it is done.  This is a class that I expect to teach at the Textile Art Festival in Brisbane in June.  Come and join me if you like.

65 applique pieces cut from the fabrics produce a lot of scraps.  Here is some of them.

The design is a rough colourwash.  Here I have done the first cut sort of the values.  To sort in value, you need to look past colour and see only how light or dark the fabric is compared to the other fabrics.  I use this as a rough guide, then mess it up. 

Here is the quilt top.  It is a long way from finished, but it is now quilted and bound.




2 responses

23 05 2010

Hi Cecile, I saw this hanging at the Perth Craft Fair, it looks fabulous. Love the colour gradation and shape. I thought the little houses in the song were made of ticky tacky…little boxes all the same. Love your work.

23 05 2010

thanks Jan. Lovely to hear that you liked the sample. I have several similar designs in mind which I am looking forward to working on. I will keep posting as I go.

I hope you enjoyed the show.

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