Just back from the Textile Art Festival in Brisbane

1 07 2010

Last weekend we were at the Textile Art Festival.  I really love this show.  2010 is the second year that this has run and the potential is enormous.  DH Glenn and my younger son Andrew came to work as I had two stalls and had sponsored a classroom, so I was teaching all weekend.  It is lovely to have some family at the shows, though 16 year old boys are not the most expressive are they?  He works hard and enjoyed himself even if that was not apparent to your average passer by.  You had to actually talk to him to see the beautiful smile. 

The show had a number of truely amazing displays and competitions as well as a good cross section of fibre, textiles, yarns and colour products to choose from, so if you missed out this year, you should really try to put it in your calendar for next year.   The dates are being pushed back a couple of weeks to the 8-10 July 2011. 

As I said above, I sponsored a classroom so had the fabulous fun of teaching across the weekend.  I do love teaching.  To see people discover new skills, use existing tools and equipment differently and create amazing work is so satisfying.  I have some photos to share with you, that will, hopefully speak for themselves.  The ladies in all three classes were very generous in letting me capture the moment.  Of course, I am showing you only a fraction of what occured.  If you are interested in me running a class for your group, friends, guild or shop, please email me at cecile@uniquestitching.com.au

The first class was a dyeing class.  We made 12 colours from three primaries then diluted some to make tints and added black to make shades.  A total of 36 different fabrics were produced.  I would love to see some photos of these once they dried.  Here are some pictures.

The second class was a fabric collage class.  We focused on auditioning fabrics to get a good balance, some basic design techniques and the use of TAP to transfer images onto fabric.  It was fabulous fun with fabric EVERYWHERE.  We played with silks, wools, felts, velvets, synthetics and of course some cottons.  The ladies made some truely stunning pieces.  I have captured some of them below.

The third class was a surface design class.  We played with a HUGE number of different colour products, from the basics such as Shiva Stiks, Lumiere and DyeNaFlow paints through to the more exotic in foils, TAP, liquid sequins, H2Os, Pearl Ex and so much more.  Again, the creativity flowing in the room was exciting.  This class was so engaging some of my fabulous students decided that five minutes was enough time for lunch.  Fortunately Andrew kept me supplied with cups of tea!

Overall a terribly satisfying weekend and I can’t wait until next year.




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21 07 2010
Joy V

Looks like a fab time for everyone. My only wish is that this particular festival come to Melbourne or maybe my fairy godmother (kids) might give me a surprise birthday present next year. LOL

21 07 2010

Hi Joy
you might be in luck. We have just had some information from the organisers of Textiles about the future. There actually won’t be a Textile show next year – much to my distress and disappointment. they are going to run it every second year in different cities. I have very mixed feelings about this. Initially none of them were positive or even polite, but I like to see everything as an opportunity, so lets see how this pans out. Maybe we will next see this show in Melbourne and you can come and do some classes with me.

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