Please take my short survey and help me prioritise new products

21 07 2010


First and most importantly, on the eve of the Melbourne Craft and Quilt Fair,   I need to make you aware that Unique Stitching will not be there.  Nor will we be attending the Canberra show in a couple of weeks, though I might be helping a friend on their stand, so don’t get confused if I am not were you would expect me to be.   As we won’t be there, I have reduced the threshold for free postage from the usual $100 to $50 from now until 31st August.  That means that for every sale over $50 on the website Unique Stitching postage will be free. 

I am having a few months off after a ridiculously chaotic three months in the middle of the year and have a number of new products on the boil, both those of my creation and brought in from elsewhere, predominantly the US.  So, before I commit completely, I need your help.  I would really appreciate it if you could complete the survey below.  Tell your friends.  There are only four questions.   You can choose up to two answers in each question.




4 responses

23 07 2010

great idea to do the survey.

23 07 2010

Thanks Delia,
it was one of my better ideas, even if I do say so myself. It stretched my technical abilities some what, but I learnt stuff! And the results have challenged some of my preconceived expectations. I have also been overwhelmed by everyones generosity in participating.

23 07 2010

I am going to miss you and all the great products this year …my bank will be greatful you are staying home..see you next time…Irene

24 07 2010

Ha ha, you can always order online Irene! I am never very far away. I hope the show goes well for those that are there

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