An exciting night of debate and champions

25 07 2010

I am excited.  No more work will get done tonight!

I am sitting here with the Political leaders debate on in the background, a fabulous rich beef and root vegetable casserole bubbling on the stove, ready to switch to the Masterchef whether the debate is over or not.  The casserole needed a significant amount of red wine as an ingredient, so I have a glass of that in hand.  All the things I need for a perfect evening.  Now don’t judge me, but I am a shocking political junky and never am more excited than during an election campaign.  AND I love Masterchef.  I don’t see it as anything more than a fabulous entertainment program, don’t expect to find myself at any of their restaurants in the future, but have found that the ideas each night have invigorated my cooking and re energised my interest in food.  I hope Adam wins.  If there are lots of desserts, Adam is in trouble.  So hopefully it will be balanced.   I think Callum is lovely and makes great desserts, but he has gotten through by having good friends who picked him on winning teams which saved him rather than being a consistent cook. And he is barely older than my eldest, which is not his fault, but I judge him for anyway.  Not fair, I know.  I would not let Stephen loose with $100,000 to make decisions about. That is my opinion and I will say no more.

Today, amongst a hundred other things, I (and Glenn) have sorted, counted and loaded on the website a range of pre felts.  I love the colours, I love the product, but I don’t love the manufacturer, so once these are gone I will never have them again.  I have my own versions in the pipe line which I will introduce once I have sold most of these.  They are over 25% off the RRP, so check them out and PLEASE take them off my hands.  Here are some photos.

piles all over my family room floor

A close up. The colours are GREAT

There are two weights.  Light and Heavy.  The micron of the wool in these is fairly coarse – 26 micron.  If you are going to wear these, get a light weight one and mix a nice Merino and some silk into it.  The heavy is great for bags, wall hangings, and texture.

The light version is see through and needs more work

The Heavy will take a lot more felting, will be easy to felt other fibres into, but will also stand on their own as is.



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