August Quilting Arts and Fall CPS Studio Magazine

26 07 2010

I came home to an enormous pile of boxes containing magazines today.  Good Grief.  I knew that both would be coming out at about the same time, but did not expect both to arrive on the same day.

Subscriptions are now packed ready to go in the post tomorrow, I have loaded them on the website.  They officially go on sale on 3 August for Quilting Arts and 10 August for the Fall Studios.  Both covers are gorgeous.  I have not had time to have a good look through, so can’t comment on content, but I liked what I saw.  Let me know if you would like a copy of either or to commence a subscription.  You get to be one of my VIPs if you have a subscription.  Why wouldn’t you want that!

Here are the covers:

On sale 3rd August. Subscriptions and pre orders in the post.


On sale 10 August. Subscriptions and preorders are in the mail.

Why are they different sizes?   Honestly I don’t know.  Never mind.




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