Textiles Festival is BACK on in 2011! Yey!

28 07 2010

Well, for those of you who never knew it was off, don’t worry.  I was very upset to be informed that the Textile Festival was going to move to every second year and probably not be in Brisbane in 2012.  Words could not describe my disappointment, so I did not discuss it or raise it with anyone.  However, due to feedback and demand, the Festival will run.  The dates are a little different.  The Festival will run over the June long weekend on the 11th to 13th June.  This show will run in conjunction with the Stamping and Papercraft Expo.  The two shows will run across the same weekend in seperate Halls at the Convention and Exhibition Centre, with one ticket allowing you entry to both shows.

There won’t be the formal classes, which is a shame, but it will still be a sensational show with a heap of great features, so put it in your diary and plan to be there.  I hope to have something very exciting organised for this show and the Darling Harbour Show next year.




4 responses

28 07 2010
Joy V

I want it to come to Melbourne – too far to go to Brisbane.

28 07 2010

Oh, I am sorry Joy. At least Melbourne has AQC, no concilation if you want the Textiles show. Perhaps you can lobby for a trip for Christmas and your Birthday.

29 07 2010
Robin McWhinney

I was really thrilled to hear from Dale Rollerson yesterday that it is back on, but I am a tad disappointed there will be no formal classes. I had emailed my concern about the cancellation, but had no reply. Perhaps enough of us complained……………I shall be there! Cheers, Robin

29 07 2010

thats good Robin. I have some ideas on making it really special even without the clases. I am just pleased it is on. I know that it was people like you who emailed or phoned that helped to influence the decision, so thank you and well done.

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