Finally! My Screens are ready.

31 07 2010

I wish I had twice as much time in every day.  I never have enough.  So, invariably, things I intend to do take longer than I expect. 

I have had a series of ready made screeen prints on the drawing board for a long time.  I ordered the raw materials I needed about three months ago, and I finally got everything in the last week.  I have ten ‘textures’ ready to go with ten ‘botanicals’ still in progress.  Last night I burned about 100 screens.  Today I made some samples.  Here are a couple of photos of my two favourites.

Triangle Tangle

I used Lumiere Paints on all of the samples over one of my hand painted fabrics.

I think the “Matchsticks” are really cool and will be using these a lot.

Matchsticks twice - two different colours

Here I ‘screened’ Matchsticks once with the dark blue and then threw some Citrene over the blue, so I got a blend of the two colours during the second ‘screen’.

A mess of matchsticks

This is matchsticks repeated about 6 times with different coloured paint.  Love it.  What do you think.




4 responses

31 07 2010
Sally Westcott

I really like your screens. Are they thermofax screens? I just love my Gocco!


31 07 2010

Hi Sally!
Yes, i have a thermofax type system. It is fantastic. I have used the Gocco and it is also great. I bet you make some great designs.

16 08 2010

Love the matchsticks – very versatile design that could be used in many ways.
Where do you you buy thermofax machines in Australia?

16 08 2010

Hi Linda
your question is not as straight forward to answer as it would seem. Thermofax machines are not available in Australia per se. The advice I would give you varies depending on whether you want a unit for personal use or for a commercial or quasi commercial use. Perhaps you can email me with some more detail on what you think you might do and I can help.

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