Election Day – What a catastrophe

22 08 2010

I will not make this a political platform, but I have already admitted in thes forum that I am a shocking political junkey.  As an election, it is remarkable.  A hung parliament.  Neither major parties with a majority, a Green in the lower house, four independants.  How can any agreement be reached with such a mix!  It will be days before we have a Government.  It is an amzing result for the Liberals.  I feel sad for Maxine McKew, but agree with her that the ALP election campaign was unfocused, off message and ineffective.  The Liberal campaign was tight, disciplined and targetted.   I  am excited that Gai Brodtmann is the new member for the electorate of Canberra.  I knew you could do it!

I predict we will be back to the election booths within 12 to 18 months.  Back to watching the analysis and I await the ensueing blood bath as recriminations are forced home.  And I promise, no more politics here.




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22 08 2010
cathy smith

A Norwegian friend of my mothers put it all into perspective for me. She said “I have lived under Hitler, and under that ***** Russian. Whoever we get will be fine with me!”

Lets be grateful that all we have to put up with is a bit of incompetence and/or policies we dont agree with!

23 08 2010

Hi Cathy
yes, very good point. In fact, it is astounding that there is no rioting in the streets. We change Government with such ease and almost grace. We are very lucky and privledged. But it does make for entertaining speculation.

22 08 2010

Whatever happens, there will be blood and tears for sure.

22 08 2010

Yes, I don’t even really care what the outcome is as long as they get it together in a hurry. Both sides come with risks in my mind. But the worst thing that can happen is uncertainty. However, there are so many close electorates, that will invariably require recounts and possibly court challenges, so I can’t see an end soon. And every variable takes on the look of farce. Labor negotiating with Katter! Liberals negotiating with the Greens! And so it goes. The whole thing is so boggling that I need to have a lie down, but I can’t move myself away from the AEC website and ABC News 24. Tragic.

Hope you are well and keeping busy.

Cecile https://uniquestitching.wordpress.com http://www.uniquestitching.com.au 0424 932 903

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