AQC challenge details for 2011

24 08 2010

For those of you who have ever wanted to make a quilt to enter into a specific challenge, here is a great opportunity.  Next year will be the third AP&Q/AQC Quilt Challenge competition.  There is a theme and you work to the theme.  This next challenge is the 7 deadly sins, and I don’t know whether it is just me and I have a range of problems, but I immediately had about ten ideas pop into my head.  Shame I can only enter two – assuming I where ever to move from ideas to construction.  Here are the details:

Announcing: the 2011 AP&Q-AQC Challenge theme is:

‘Seven Deadly Sins’

Over the years there have been several versions of the Seven Deadly Sins. For the purposes of our Challenge, our list appears below. Take one, take some or take all and explore them for your entry in the Challenge. Enjoy!

Seven Deadly Sins

1. Wrath

2. Greed

3. Sloth

4. Pride

5. Lust

6. Envy

7. Gluttony

Go to the AQC website for an entry form.  While you are there, you can see last years winners and go right to the bottom of the page and hit the Cooee Button to register to receive information on next years convention.

AQC is my favourite or equal favourite show next to Textiles, so check it out, plan to be involved either through entering the competitions or coming along.




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