In Adelaide, finding pigs

6 09 2010


I am in Adelaide for the National Mediation Conference, as part of my “other life”.  long story, but I am presenting a paper tomorrow, which is really what I should be focussing on right now.  However, as we walked back to our apartments today, we went past these copper pigs in Rundle Mall.  I could not resist taking a couple of photos, much to the horror of some of my companions who did not want to appear as tourists.  Anyway I had time for photos, as one colleague had raced into Country Road to deal with a cadigan, or lack there of, crisis.  These are very cute.  There is a lot of street art in Adelaide.  I will try and capture a few over the next few days.  I have also taken photos of the amazing old facades and lace work.  Beautiful.

Here are my pigs.

I think this one was called Oliver


A side view of "Oliver"

This one is a slightly blurry photo of Carol sitting on “Truffles”

Carol on Ruffles


Glenn and Andrew are at home filling orders and dealing with questions.  Glenn tells me that the Fall Stitches magazine arrived today.  I am still waiting for some more Spring editions, but they seem to keep forgetting me.  Glenn is going to load the Fall edition on the website, so check it out and purchase one if you don’t want to miss out.  We have significantly increased our standing order of these, so there should be heaps, but don’t hesitate or you may miss out!

I will post details when I have them.




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10 09 2010

Still waiting for a reply re Riverbed lessons.

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