I’ve been dyeing and sewing – great to get back to basics

17 09 2010


I have finished the quilt top using my hand dyed and painted fabric with the rust and chocolates I dyed.  I will load a picture tomorrow.  I could not find the camera today, so did not get a photo taken.  Then I cleared the worktable to start the next quilt top and guess what I found!  The camera.  So I am good to go tomorrow and did not have to admit to anyone else in the family that I was in such a mess I could not find anything.

I am making a dress.  It has been a long time since I made clothes, so this is going to be interesting.  Of course I am not using commercial fabric, but have dyed my own cottons.  I was determined that this first dress NOT be red or black so have dyed some nice summery blues.

Here they are.  There are three different techniques used with the same dyes.  I dyed all the fabric a pale blue (Robin’s Egg Blue) and then overdyed with a strong mix of Medium Blue.  I low water immersed one piece and ‘shiboried’ the other two.

This is basic low water immersion. I poked it a bit, but did not stir.


This is very basic 'cheats' Shibori using rubber bands as the resist


My favourite piece. This is a varition on the pole wrapping Shibori

Again, I use cheat techniques.  My only disappointment with this is the line down the middle.  This was caused by me stitching the fabric together to make a tube.  It does show that even the most basic stitching will work as a resist.  I will try to work around this in my dress, but it may be present.  Below is a picture of what I did to create the lines.  So easy but so effective.

A low tech solution to a Shibori dilemma. This went into the dye solution, as is.

You can see the original colour in this piece, before I overdyed it.  Next time I wont stitch the tube, but simply wrap around the bottle.

Here are the fabrics I am using for the next quilt top.

36 beautiful fabrics. What will I be doing with this do you think?

I have loaded a heap of new books, magazines and fabric bundles onto the web today.  Something I hope for everyone.  www.uniquestitching.com.au




One response

17 09 2010

oooh – I will have the top one [very big cheeky grin]

low tech solutions are often the best – lol
… I did something similar once (several years ago actually, I did it with a group of others from the Scquilters yahoogroup) but instead of bottles we used lengths of pvc pipe – rolled the fabric around it (like dress fabric is rolled on the tubes in the shop) and then scrunched it down to one end, and dipped that end in the dye … one day I might actually get around to using some of it to make a quilt or something – lol

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