Took a day off – ACTTAA Exhibition and Floriade

18 09 2010

Well I have taken a photo of my finished quilt top.  It is not a good photo, but if you can imagine it square, it might help.  The colours are fairly true.  It is lighter in the middle than the outside.  That is not a trick of the flash.  I am standing on the kitchen bench to take this because it is just too windy outside for any of the better options.

It is amazing to think that every part of that quilt started off as the same bolt of white homespun.  I would be interested in what you think.

This morning, my lunitic 16 year old decided to ride up Black Mountain Tower to begin a geology assignment.  I hope he makes it home and does not get blown off the mountain on his way down.  He would not take a lift under any circumstances, which is a shame because we were on our way to the CSIRO Discovery Centre to see the ACT Textile Art Group – ACTTAA’s amazing exhibition.  The theme was a tea party with Alice.  I did not feel that I could take photos, but now I wished that I had asked.  I may go back tomorrow.  There was some truely amazing work there.  Get along if you can or to find out more about the group, visit their ACTTAA website.

From there we went to Floriade.  It is a glorious day here, all be it very windy.  We found our second Alice in Wonderland theme for the day.  Below is a carved Cheshire Cat.

Most of the annuals such as the pansies are all out as are about 2/3s of the Tulips, but there is still a lot to bloom over the next few weeks.  As always, it is well worth a visit.  I took about 100 photos.  Here are two:

A white double tulip

Part of one of the many beds. This one was called the Yellow Brick Road.

And the final photo I will share with you today is of one of the amazing Lake George Zebras.  You may be aware that a family of Zebras migrated to Lake George where they clearly found the grazing to their liking, but the politics in NSW where too great for them.  Created by sculptor Alan Aston, the zebras became subject to controversy when the NSW Government declared them trespassers on Crown land and ordered that they be removed.  After a bit of outrage and lobbying, this decision was overturned and they were allowed to stay.  Named Stopper, Reviver and Surviver, the three sculptures were positioned at a popular rest area often used for Revive/Survive coffee breaks.  Click  here for a news article on them, including a photo in situ. This did not end happily for the family of three, though as soon after the reprieve from the NSW Government, vandals decapitated one and damaged another and they were removed.  It is good to see that they not only survived the ordeal, but appear to be breeding with a baby zebra being added to the flock.  I am pleased to have seen them close up after passing them several times on Lake George.

One of the Lake George Zebras




2 responses

18 09 2010
Judy M

Just loved the Zebras. Two sides to every story, but hope they all find a safe home where interested travelers can enjoy them.

18 09 2010

thanks Judy, yes there is always more to any story and there are reasons why permissions are required. They are very cute up close.

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