Another day, another quilt top.

19 09 2010

I have had a very productive day today with heaps of orders processed and ready to go in the post tomorrow, online classes ready to be loaded and another quilt top finished.  I really like foundation piecing, though the preparation is time consuming and tedious.  This is a really simple design aimed at showing off the movement in hand dyed fabrics, moving from dark to light. 

Here it all is in progress.

And here it is almost finished. 

My Rainbow Quilt

It looks a bit like an animation doesn’t it.  But it is real and the colours, again are realistic.  I am about to go for my daily walk and then I am going to unpick the yellow block that is not the right way up (blast it)  and put a narrow black border on to finish it.

Love to know what you think. 





8 responses

19 09 2010
June M

Love this one I like strong colours and also enjoy foundation piecing well done also it took me a little time to pick the block wrong way around cheers June

19 09 2010

thanks June. I have fixed it now. the time spent in preparation is worth it with foundation piecing when you get consistent easy blocks.

19 09 2010


Love your rainbow quilt. It glows.

19 09 2010

thanks Anieta

19 09 2010
Anne O'Connor

I like it – very creative way to show off hand dyes. What do you use for your foundations? By the way – did get to the ACT TAA exhibition (very creative as usual) and took some photos of their garden party – with permission. Contact me if you would like me to send copies of my pix.

19 09 2010

Hi Anne
no, I did not get back to ACTTAA. I decided I would leave it alone. I will be more organised next year. Wasn’t the elf in the back corner amazing. Apparently one of the members got her son to pose while they wrapped him in bandages with wet plaster and then had a bit of trouble getting him out of it.

I use a Freudenberg vilene Tear Away. I like it because it is firm and holds its shape well, but is brittle enough that it is easy to tear out on the stitching lines and it is pretty cheap.

19 09 2010
Judy M

The multi coloured blocks on black look spectacular. Can imagine your disappointment at finding one block not quite right!

19 09 2010

thanks Judy. It is good that you did not see it right away, but it would have driven me to distraction over time, so I have fixed it. I like the way the colour variation looks like light playing across the block.

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