Okay, could not help myself – I had to fix it.

19 09 2010

I was speaking to someone the other day about the need to sew.  I was quite upset about something, and the person I was speaking to suggested that I would be very productive as I channeled my frustration, but it may not be my best work.  I suggested to this person that they had known me far long enough to know what a perfectionist I am and it is always my best work.

So, true to form, despite trying not to reach for the unpicker, I have rotated the one misbehaving block.  I have also added a 2 inch border so that the colour ‘floats’ off the surface.  MUCH happier now.

Here it is.

Rainbow Quilt fixed and bordered




6 responses

20 09 2010

I like the colour combination and layout, it sparkles.

20 09 2010

thanks Sue. it is amazing the illusions you can create with colour isn’t it?

20 09 2010

Hi Cecile, Love the colours and you’re right the misalligned yellow block would have been disturbing. Unpicking is a skill much maligned.

20 09 2010

ha ha, thanks Denise, I feel so much better about my obsessing and perfectionism. I do get frustrated at the wastefulness of unpicking. That time could be spent on something else, but you are right, I would have regretted not doing it!

20 09 2010
Julieanne Ryan

I like the three dimensional look of the blocks They look fantastic. Did you fold the fabric wen you died it to get this effect?

20 09 2010

Thanks Julie, I did not fold the fabric, I just scrunched it and did not stir much. the yellow is less textural because I must have stirred it a lot more.

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