Back from Melbourne. New books have arrived

12 10 2010


Andrew (DS16yrs), Glenn (DH) and I got back from the Melbourne show and have I have finally caught up on email, the orders I could not send from Melbourne and the washing.  We had a great time and met up with some old friends but certainly made some new ones.  It was an interesting week, the weather was cold, the show was fun and many people who had never been to a craft show now know what they have been missing.  I have loaded two photos of our stand.  I took about 20, but here are two:

my favourite part of the walls

buckets of fibres

I received a delivery of new books today. 

A fabulous work book on using Lutradur

The COOLEST Dolls I have ever seen.

Picture This!

All the books are now loaded on the website at

I am in the process of developing a Facebook Fan page.  This is where I will promote new things and let you know where I am and what I am doing.  I have to say, the whole facebook thing is a bit of a challenge for me, but my website is about to link to facebook and they tell me I have to keep up.   I have mastered enough to build a ‘badge’ which is now on this blog.




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