It is bucketting rain outside – a good day to be inside creating.

13 10 2010

I vowed after a decade of drought to NEVER complain about rain again, but I am concerned for all my Queensland friends who are at risk of being under water with the flooding there and I hope that you are all okay.  The rain must be bad here today, because, much to my surprise, my very independant son, who does not want to acknowledge he needs help with anything actually accepted a lift to school this morning.  I think he felt he did not have time to build an ark.  This rain is seriously set in.  Great for the dams, not so great for getting the washing dry.

It is important that I get the washing dry, because right now, it is all hanging in MY drying area and from tomorrow, I have 60 metres of velvet to dye and dry before we head off to Brisbane.  With two shows on top of each other, it is the little things, like getting two weeks of washing done, that can bring you unstuck.  I may be ducking out to buy a dryer.  After having two babies through Canberra winters in cloth nappies without a dryer, I never felt the need for one, then or now, but 60 metres of velvet …..

Yesterday, whilst preparing a very different sample, I went off on a tangent (otherwise known as procrastinating) and started experimenting a bit with some Lutradur.  I have been carrying these ideas around in my head for a long time and have done different bits at different times but ended up putting a number of ideas together.

First I painted some Vliesofix with gold Lumiere paint and when it dried, or nearly dried – a bit impatient – I ironed it to some of the charcoal black Lutradur and then ironed both onto a 15 inch square of black homespun.

Next I ironed a range of Hot Fix Angelina fibres onto some gold Lutradur.  I had not done this before and was amazed at how well they bonded and the effect this created.  I will be doing a lot more of this.

I printed a picture onto some TAP and ironed this onto the white heavy weight Lutradur and cut out two different sizes of the gold, then stitched the three layers together.  The picture was a copyright free image I got from  This site has a heap of images you can use or you can use your own.  Next I printed some words, remembering to reverse them, onto my TAP and ironed them onto the Gold Lutradur.  All of the coloured Lutradur are light weight.  I then used a heat gun to lightly distress the Lutradur with the words and to heavily distress and curl the Lutradur framing the image.

To give the black Lutradur a lift, I snipped small, random pieces of Vliesofix, without the paper and let them scatter and fall over the area, then ironed some gold metal foils over the raw glue this formed for highlights and texture.

Finally, I cut the  bonded Angelina and Lutradur into three strips – 3 inch, 2 inch and 1 inch and put it all together. 

Here is the finished piece, well, finished if you don’t think about the quilting and binding/stitching.

Now I need to get back to what I was supposed to be doing when I started this.




2 responses

13 10 2010

Hi, my name is Peta & I live on the Gold Coast. I will be at the Craft Show & must look you up. I was so happy when I found your site. I thought surely there must be someone in Australia who does all these things with all this stuff I can’t find (like Lutrador) Spotlight look at me like I’ve lost the plot. Go there again I probably will. Sorry Spotlight. The rain is getting interesting?!
Cecile I earnestly implore you to BUY A DRYER!!! Yes I’m shouting. I live in sunny? Queensland & this rain is normal for summer. I have known it to rain for 6 weeks straight here. You forget the sun & yes it is in Summer. Might only used it for 6 weeks but how many metres of velvet? As my mother would say won’t don’t you just stick pins in yourself if you really want to suffer. Buy a dryer & rest at night. Love your site. Peta

14 10 2010

Ha ha, nice to start the morning with a laugh. Well at least the clothes are dry and the felting I did yesterday is close. So I am good to go. I have about 100 lineal metres of drying space in a big drying shed and my covered outdoor area, but you are right, it is still going to be a big ask. I look forward to meeting you next week in Brisbane if you don’t have to sail to Southbank.

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