Today’s offerings

14 10 2010

I am waiting for a couple of deliveries this morning.  I need the stuff NOW, but I need to be patient.  There is always more to be done, so instead of watching for trucks, I should get stuck in and get some work done.

Last night I made another non woven collage.  It is a bit wonky, but will straighten up when I quilt and block it.  This one uses a hand dyed wool felt as the background.  The focal point are three photos I took at Floriade.  I printed them and the word Floriade on to TAP and then ironed onto the heavy weight Lutradur.  Metal foil on light weight lutradur for the metallic strip went on next and then purple and blue lutradur was agressively heated around my photos as a frame.  I heated it with the heat gun after stitching the layers together.  I really like this effect.  It is a quick and easy three dimensional effect that adds colour and texture at the same time.  The orange is a piece of cotton scrim that I scrunched and distorted.  I quite like the over all effect. What do you think?

Floriade 2010 captured

I also played with some of the new Liquitex inks while I was taking a break between bouts of felting.  I like these inks, because they can run and blend but are also opaque.  You don’t need to heat set them to be colourfast either.  Given I iron all my patchwork and art quilts as I go this is probably not relevant, but there could well be a time when it is important.

Here are the inks I used.  They come in a pack of six and there are two themes.  I, naturally, went for the shiniest.

Liquitex Metallic 6 pack of inks

I am not sure what I am going to do with the fabric, other than have it to show people.  I smudged the gold, copper and bronze to blend them in a bit and then splattered the white, black and silver. 

Fabric with inks. A bit over the top, but I wanted to see what they did.

I will show you the felting when I get it dry and into a quilt top.  Which will be behind about 20 other things I MUST finish today.  Off to work.  Where is that truck!




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