Velvet everywhere.

16 10 2010

The weather has been very kind today and we managed to get all of the velvet I have been working on dry.  Tonight we packed the fat quarters ready for Brisbane.  I think these worked out the best I have done for a long time.  The colours are rich and vibrant and there is gorgeous contrast in most.  I put two colours into each piece.  Sometimes that just adds to the richness of the overall colour, sometimes it creates strong contrast and a lot of blended colours.  I have one which is impossible to repeat where I put yellow, red and blue in.  It is SO unpredictable.  Anyway, I will load pictures here.  Interested in your thoughts.  I don’t think the photos are great.  Due to the lustre of the velvet it can be difficult to photograph, but you can get the general idea of the colours.  I will load them all on to the website tomorrow or the next day.

Here we go.  Remember, these photos are a guide only.  Every piece is different, so will have more or less of the colours on each piece.   In no particular order:


There is one other colourway, but I completely stuffed up my recipe and ended up overdyeing the piece.  It is gorgeous, but unrepeatable, so I won’t take photos of it.  If you are in Brisbane, come and check it out.  I nearly kept the three metres to make a dress so unique the fabric is.  Anyway I am ready to move on from velvet.  It has consumed me for three days.




4 responses

17 10 2010

The colours are gorgeous, Cecile. I want to do something like this for a project I’ve been thinking about.

17 10 2010

very easy to do Monica. Just need your velvet, dyes and to restrict the amount of water. You don’t want the fabric swimming or you lose the seperation of colour.

17 10 2010
Julieanne Ryan

Definately worth all the trouble you went through and all the wind rain and storms! Wonder if the weather added to the result?

17 10 2010

thanks Julie. As for Adelaide, I will still be in the US when it is on. Next year perhaps

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