Tenth Anniversary of our first craft show

21 10 2010

This Brisbane show is quite momentus for me.  We attended our first ever Craft Show in Brisbane ten years ago.  We have had a tremendous journey, sometimes wondering why we are presevering and whether we were doing the right thing.  My boys have grown from tiny people to young men with a craft business as the centre of their universe and they have packed more fat quarters, bags of angelina and silks than most shop owners.

I have met some amazing people, many of whom have shared this journey with me and I have learnt a lot about myself as a person and an artist.

Ten years ago, we started with a tiny tiny little stand and I was overwhelmed when people not only liked my designs but bought them.  This amazement remains to today.  Thank you to all of our amazing customers who have supported us across the decade.  Some of you attended my first ever workshop and every one since.  Simply astounding. 

We had our first stand, 2 metres square in E04.  We then moved to a bigger stand at E01 and have been in that spot for the last eight years.  Growing as we went.  When I got to Brisbane this week, I went to the usual spot to discover I had moved over an aisle.  After the first blush of panic at not having a stand where I thought it was and then finding the new, slightly better one, I saw a tiny 2 by 2 stand in E04 and was thrust back to remembering our first show.

I took a picture of the stand, with Glenn standing in it. 

Glenn in a stand just like our first

 He can almost touch both sides. 

Here is our current stand, somwhat different.  This photo is on set up day before I started putting everything out.  The second photo was taken late today showing the stand as it is full of colour and stock.

A much bigger stand this year


The stand full - Janine serving a customer just before close

I look forward to continuing to grow, evolve and provide our customers with the best products at the best prices along with high quality advice and support.  I hope you continue to join me.




2 responses

22 10 2010
cathy smith

And always one of my very favorites!

22 10 2010

aren’t you lovely. Thank you Cathy!

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