Santa’s wish list and magazines

26 10 2010


I have finalised my annual “Santa Please Bring Me” promotion.  These have been very popular in the past.  Use it to tell your family and friends what you would like for Christmas.  Pop it on the fridge, leave it on coffee tables, staple it to foreheads – what ever it takes.  Aimed at providing a range of gift ideas across all price points there are some great deals included in here or you can add your own ideas from the website.  It is a big document, so if you want me to snail mail you a copy just email me at with your name and postal address.

Here it tis:  Santa list 2010.  Here is a much smaller version without the pretty pictures. Xmas 2010 Wish list

The most recent Cloth Paper Scissors arrived today.  Subscriptions will go in the post tomorrow and it is available on line now.   Here is the cover:

Whilst I was in Brisbane the International Quilt Scene magazine which celebrates the International Quilt Festival at Houston each year arrived.   This is a stunning magazine.  There are close up, full photos of over 30 drop dead gorgeous quilts, including one by Jenny Bowker.  This in itself is enough for me to love it, but there is more!  Heaps of simple and achievable projects and some insights into the show itself.  It is available now, so order on line at

The cover is here:

Finally, please check out and think about whether you are prepared to contribute to Breast Cancer research.  We all know someone who has been touched by this terribly insidious disease.  They are hoping to build a data base of a million people so that reasearch programs can be meaningful.   I registered today and will take part in the research if I get the chance. 

I am here today and tomorow and then away until the 8 November.  Glenn and the boys will be home to deal with your questions, enquiries and orders.  When I get back I expect to have a lot to tell you and share with you.  In the meantime, I will try to post from Houston – internet access allowing.




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