Houston Day one

30 10 2010

Hi from down town Texas.

after almost 30 hours of travel door to door from home to my hotel in Houston, I had a long shower and a great nights sleep ready for a very full on day. 

I attended the school house series all first today. This program is highly sought after and I have to say very organised.  It runs a bit like the workshops at our craft shows, except the show is not open yet, so there are no distractions.  I choose a range of things.  Some known like the Shiva Stiks and the Bonash, some I think I am interested in such as interfacings and buttons and some completely unexpected yet useful sessions.  Across the day I got to 13 sessions and found some really interesting stuff. 

Here is Shelley Stokes newest designs with the Shiva Stiks.

From there I ducked back to the motel to freshen the lippey and grab a wrap and headed to a cocktail party hosted by Stash Books.  This book program is a part of C&T publishing, aimed at the younger, funkier market.  The books are a bit different to the usual CT range and the concept is very exctiting.  I could not stay long as I had to get across to the Sample spree.

They have a blog at:  http://www.stashbooksblog.com/ and here is one of the popular titles.

The Sampler Spree was insane.  People had queued for over two hours to get in and then they behaved like crazy people.  You could not get within 10 metres of the Moda stand in the first hour.  There were some great bargains and I bought fabric for a couple of quilts I owe my family and samples of products I want to carry from here on.  I am pleased I went, though it was a bit ‘crowd challenging’.

Tomorrow the wholesale show opens and I will try to update you on what I have found.  I have loaded photos from today on my Facebook page so please check it out and follow my adventures.




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