Today’s Class – Fabric, Stitch, Collage with Lynda Faires

3 11 2010

I had a great time today.  Some of you will know that I have been ‘collaging’ for some time and really enjoy it both as a small showcase for a range of techniques and for a way to achieve and complete projects which can then be used for other purposes such as sewn into bigger projects.

The class today was fabulous fun.  There were no ‘new’ techniques as such, but I learnt stuff and had fun and got to play in an unrestrained, free and supported manner.  It was lovely.  My big hint out of the class and a technique I will be using a lot from here on in is free motion zig zag.  Try it.  The pattern you get when you go sideways is to die for.  Truely.

I have loaded a few photos on my facebook page, but here are the critical ones.

Here is Lynda:

Here is an applique collage I completed:

And here is one where we trapped stuff behind tulle and stitched over the top:

I had a class yesterday but did not take the camera and when the day ended, I got the shuttle bus back from the convention centre to the hotel.  The bus goes to about seven hotels on its loop and it can be organised chaos getting people on and off with all their bags.  As it turned out one of the three ladies who sat next to me on the short trip must have walked off with my bag of samples from yesterday.  I was a bit disappointed, but I have no way of tracking them back.  Hopefully they will work it out, but even if they do, they will not know how to find me.  The fabrics I made were very nice, so I hope that they go to a good use.  I still have the knowledge and the experience in my head and probably did not need to bring home any more bulk than I already have.

Tomorrow I am indulging myself with a quilt shop bus tour.  I am really keen to see if the shops here do anything that I can adopt.  I am curious about layout, merchandising, set ups, stock lines and so much more.  It will be interesting.  We have a ‘traditional Texas BBQ’ lunch at a proper ‘Texas Ranch’.  I am a bit apprehensive about that.  The biggest challenge I have found about the US is the food.  It is awful – not really food at all it is so processed.  And you can taste the chemicals for days after you finished eating.  Yesterday I went into three so called food stores looking for fruit.  Everything was either vacuum sealed or frozen.  Amazing.  Tonight I had Subway for dinner because at least I could see fresh lettuce, cucumber and tomato. 

After that, we have the VIP Quilt Show opening.  I will take heaps of photos to share if I can.

Until then, Cecile




2 responses

3 11 2010
Joy Vale

The coffee is worse!!!! When I was there last year, ev erything is also ‘upsized’ and comes with fries!!!!!

4 11 2010

oh yes, I agree. I have not had a coffee at all since being here. I was horrified when I got skim milk hot chocolate and they wanted to add about half a cow of whipped cream too. I have been drinking a lot of water – probably a good thing

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