13 12 2010

I am not doing very well at posting lately.  I need to get a bit more focused, but have been dealing with writers block.  It has been my intention for some time to use this blog to provide comprehensive details on how to use various products, techniques and ideas.  I started with the download page, but I wanted something interactive.  Tonight, I have loaded the first of many more comprehensive examples of how to use various products.  I have started with Lutradur.  Click on the page and you will see a number of different examples of its use.  I will update with new ideas as I go and will be adding different pages as I move forward.

Now, for some other things.  I have been working well outside my comfort zone over the last few weeks, making a wedding quilt for my niece.  I can talk about it here because I would be astounded if she read my blog, but I know she is on my Facebook page.  She wanted a brown and green quilt.  OMG Really!  Brown – Green! My two most unfamiliar colours. YUCK.  Anyway, I delayed, I procrastinated, I bought border fabric from my friend Kerry at Tulis Textiles almost a year ago and it was not until Houston this year that I got not only an idea, but fabric. 

I will show you a picture of the quilt.  It is not a good photo and it does not have the final border on, but I am interested in what you think. Here it is.   I really like the addition of the little blocks, despite how fiddly they were to sew.   Don’t tell anyone related to me!

The final border is green.  I have dyed some ghastly mustard yellow fabric (yes, I still have some!) with blues and teal to make the backing.  Here it is:

from this

to this

Finally, please consider putting the Textiles Art Festival into your diaries for June 11-13.  I have one of my bestest US friends coming out to share her work with you, so please come and say hello.




4 responses

14 12 2010
Fran C

Even though I don’t like browns and greens (so 50’s) I could live with this one. It is a lovely quilt Cecile. Your relative will love. the quilt.

14 12 2010

thanks Fran, yes, I think she will like it and hopefully her husband will too. I have made them quilts for their babies and they have apprecited those, so I expect that they will this too.

14 12 2010

Great quilt, for someone who doesn’t enjoy working with these colours you have done a lovely job. So often when we are challenged we create a masterpiece. I’m sure it will be treasureGgreeting to you and your family.

14 12 2010

thank you Judy, I had many points in time when I did not like it at all, but it was because I had to get the contrast right, but I am happy.

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