Sorting and clearing

1 01 2011

Stephen, my elder son moved out about six months ago and we have not done anything with his empty room until Christmas, when his brother took it over and turned it into a television room.  Stephen now is making throw away comments about coming home – of course.  This has therefore resulted in a domino effect of cleaning, sorting and rearranging.  I have so much stuff spread across the place with no rhyme nor reason, so while I have been quilting, Glenn has been sorting.  It is amazing what you find.  Some really forgotten stuff.  Amongst all of this is a pile of quilts and tops that have been shop/stand samples over the years.  Most of these are very traditional such as little wall hangings made of stitcheries, some Block of the Month samples from Thimbleberries, applique and childrens quilts and some Jan Mullens samplers. 

Recently on the AUS NZ Art Quilt list, there has been discussion on what Art Quilters do with there enormous stash of fabric now that they are working on a smaller scale and with different media.  Finding all these quilts and tops made me ask what one does with a huge pile of finished or near finished items that you have artistically outgrown.

I really think it is time to get rid of these and am thinking about putting them on the website very cheaply or selling them through Ebay or Etsy.  I would like them to go to good homes and be used and that won’t happen here. Plus I really need the space so I can sort my various stashes into something useable and potentially reclaim the spare room for the prodigal child.  Here are some of the things I have found.  When I look back on this from where I stand now, it is almost comical, but a lot of work went into some of these at the time.  I certainly would not do it now.   I am interested in your thoughts.




6 responses

1 01 2011
Lindi Jarman

Put them on the website. 🙂 You have some lovely quilts there, and I’m sure they’ll sell to good homes. I’d certainly be interested.

1 01 2011
Joy V

Boy Cecile, you have certainly evolved! I particularly like the first one – shoes and handbags – starting to show your ‘artistic’ side. If you don’t want them I would definitely put them up for sale.

1 01 2011
cathy smith

I tried selling a couple of quilts on Ebay once, and couldnt even cover the material cost. I ended up giving them to a local school chaplain to give to a couple of kids in need. Etsy might be better. Or you could give away quilts to charity, or fabric to groups that make quilts for charity. Several of your quilts look suitable for linus quilts/quilts for keeps (kids seriously ill in hospital). There are a number of groups around who make quilts for orphanages overseas also (I and a couple of friends are one such, though we only make bed size quilts)

1 01 2011

Wow, I went for a shower and came back to three comments. Thanks for your input. Cathy, I was thinking about giving them away but was a bit overwhelmed at the choices. To all, I don’t expect to get my costs back if I sell them. The big Thimbleberries, which is a King size quilt top, for example was around $600 worth of material at the time. I would not even ask that for it, though I searched the web for a good image and it looks as rare as hen’s teeth. Something I have done in the past, which I am leaning towards now is selling what I can and giving the funds to the Qld flood relief. I did this once before with the Victorian Bushfires. I will give it some thought and see if anyone else comes forward with a view. I really do appreciate your quick responses.

2 01 2011

If you put them up for sale on the website and mention that the money is going to Qld flood relief then you might find the sell for a better price than they would have otherwise? … maybe you could even “auction” them off to the highest bidder or something like that?
… and/or if you don’t think you will get a good price for them, some of the quilts themselves might be wanted/appreciated by people who have had all their nice stuff lost/ruined in the floods … or by one of any number of other good causes that still need stuff even if there is a bigger disaster somewhere getting all the attention.

2 01 2011

thanks Andrea, you raise a number of good points. I will continue to do some research into who is doing what for the Qld flood victims. I have contacts with Qld Quilters, so I might see if they need/want anything.

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