My life is full of excitement

5 01 2011

just when I thought my life was overflowing with excitement, a tree came down next door.  Out I go to alert the neighbours, and it became apparent we had a problem.  While Glenn rang the SES and then Belconnen Police Station, I flagged traffic down.  Traffic which goes around our street way to fast at the best of times.  The tree was cutting off the whole left side.

To the D#$%head idiots (sorry to my US friends, that is less offensive here) who speed up when they saw the wet crazy lady flagging them down (otherwise known as me).  Thank you.  Your contribution when you crashed into said tree helped Glenn and the neighbours and some very generous passers by to get the tree off the street.  Too bad about the damage, which could have been avoided, to your cars. 

To the Belconnen Police station who did not even bother with our address if we did not need an ambulance for the two cars who had crashed into the tree, thanks for nothing.

My husband, our neighbour and the neighbour across the road who took to the tree with saws, pure bulk and then rakes.  My heros.  No one else will crash in my front yard tonight.  I now need a glass of wine.




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6 01 2011

Hi Cecile, isn’t it wonderful how helpful neighbours can be at times like this. Without our neighbours, our recent flood would probably have reached the carpet and done a lot more damage.
I hope you enjoyed your glass of wine and have now recovered from the excitement.

6 01 2011

Hi Monica,
yes it was pretty amazing and I should have also really thanked the two passers by who stopped, got out of their cars in the pouring rain and spent over half an hour shifting the trunk. We would not have moved it without everyones help and although it was not our tree, it was still our problem simply because it effected a community not just an individual. It is a shame we forget that on a day to day basis.

6 01 2011

There are the people who are ready to jump out of their cars, or come out of their houses and help someone who needs help or repair a problem. There are those who think only of themselves. We noticed on a trip recently on a winding road – most slow moving towing drivers didn’t even consider pulling over to let the long line behind them past. And when we pulled over to let others pass, very few waved a friendly ‘thankyou’. May we always be those who consider others as important as ourselves! Thanks for the reminder!

6 01 2011

I agree. It costs nothing to be considerate or helpful and nothing to say thank you. I hope to always be able to say I would stop to help anyone. and last night was no chore, we all just got stuck in and fixed it.

6 01 2011
pat dwyer

WOW you just can’t believe what some people do can you?…everybody is in too much of a hurry these days. Hope you enjoyed the wine.cheers Pat

6 01 2011

absolutely did! It helped moderate the adrenalin

6 01 2011
Robin McWhinney

Glad you were able to calm down with a glass of wine after all that! Did the idiot who crashed into the tree stop to help? I suppose they had to if they could not drive away! Thank goodness you have a helpful neighbourhood.

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