Three fabulous ways to use Foils on Fabric

9 01 2011

I have just loaded another tutorial page on the Blog. This page looks at three different ways you can use foils on your fabrics. 

To do this, I have had to rearrange the site a bit, so you can now find the information pages on a menu on the right hand column under the “About Me” segment.  This allows me to increase the number of pages easily and allows you to access them all without having to use complicated searches.  Every day I learn more about social media. 

I have also activated the sharing buttons.  I meant to do this a year ago.  What this means is that when you click into an article or open a page, you have the option to share the material quickly and easily.  I encourage you to share as long as a link back to the blog is included in some way or some other form of acknowledgement that I am the author of the material. 

I hope you enjoy the information on the Foils and have a play.




3 responses

9 01 2011
Joy V

Cecile, you are so generous with your tutorials. Thank you, I love them and print off to keep in my ‘textiles’ folder.

9 01 2011

you are welcome Joy. I expect to add a heap more this year. so please; enjoy, share, use.

12 01 2011
cathy smith

had to go to your website and order bonding powder!

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