Nikki Tervo is collecting quilted blocks for quilts for flood victims

14 01 2011

I know that many who receive this are already doing some fund raising or making quilts for the flood victims.  However, I also know many who receive this are likely to be examining the damage the floods have done to their homes right now too.  So, I will forward things as I get them and you can choose to participate if you would like.

This is Nikki’s message from Facebook.

I am collecting 12 1/2″ pre quilted quilt blocks. Blocks need to have a cream fabric measuring 14″ square on the back, A thin wadding like wool or cotton to be used. All blocks must be quilted. Please send to Nikki’s Flood Quilts PO box 4139 Gumdale 4154. Feel free to sign or write a message of comfort on the back of your block. Make sure it is quilted please!! Please forward this message to anyone Thanks

Also a number of people are running auctions on their blogs.  Nic Bridges, Sally Westcott, Jane Monk, Lisa Walton and Linda Robertus are some that I know of.  I am in Alice Springs on the lap top, so don’t have their blog addresses available, but I am sure you can find them if you google their names. 

I will be home tonight and I will make a heap of blocks for Nikki.





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