Hand painted fabric to raise funds for the QLD Flood Relief

15 01 2011

Hi everyone.

Like everyone, I have been horrified to watch the unfolding tragedy of the Qld Floods.  Again, like many, I have been worried, reduced to tears and then warmed by the generosity of the human spirit in times of despair and loss.  Many people are making contributions in their own way, but I wanted to mark this event with something positive, hopeful and forward looking.  So rather than auction something I have already made, I wanted to make something fresh and share it widely. So I have spent the afternoon hand painting fabric to use as a fund raiser.  I hope that you will buy the fabric and make something to commemorate the event, but in a positive way.

The fabric is lovely with light, soft, floaty purples, greens and blues.

The fabric is very high quality 100% cotton fabric.  Great for patchwork, it is soft and supple enough for needle turn applique, yet perfect for backgrounds and piecing.  It will also make beautiful blouses or shirts because the drape is so gorgeous. I hope you can be tempted and help me raise funds to help the rebuild of this tragedy.  The fabric is now on the website:  www.uniquestitching.com.au

The thread count is 150 by 80 per inch – so a fabulous fabric, better than most PFDs available.  The finish is smooth and appears like silk. 

This is a one off, not to be repeated fabric.  The more you buy, the more we raise for the flood relief

Cost is $24 per metre.  I will cover the postage.




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