101 Patchwork Projects and Summer Stitch are here

6 04 2011

I came home to a mountain of magazines today. Both the brand new, never seen before 101 Patchwork Projects and Quilts and the latest Stitch magazine – Summer 2011 are here. 

This is a really interesting magazine.  More a book than a mag, it has, as promised 101 projects.  You have to get to page 157 before you find a quilt.  If you ever wanted to make something that is not a quilt, this is for you.  In the 192 pages, the are projects are sorted by type:  Gifts; Personal items; home decor; Dining room; studio; quilts; kids and pets.  The index runs to four pages!  This is jam packed with small, achievable projects that friends and family can use.  It is sensational for a library of gift ideas.  For those of you still making things for fetes and fund raisers, you can’t go past it.  If you are looking for fresh funky quilts, this is not for you.  I will be very interested in your feedback. 

The latest Stitch magazine is, as always, fantastic.  This feature focuses on the use of colour.  The Spice Road segment is my favourite, but I love strong bold colours used unpredictably. 

Both magazines will be at AQC next week and will be on the webisite tomorrow at www.uniquestitching.com.au




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