AQC week proves the world is full of possibility!

18 04 2011

We are home after almost a week away at AQC.  What a fantastic week we had.  The show was very good, we met lots of old friends and made some very special new ones.  The atmosphere at AQC is unlike any other show.  Being quilting only, the crowd is different to the Quilt and Craft Shows.  The venue adds a dignity and gravitas in itself and the quality of the tutors is always sensational.  The event runs like clock work despite having many, many moving parts.

AQC is as much a show as an event.  I have gone to every cocktail party and gala dinner since inception and this year was no different.  The gala dinner was the usual extravaganza with stacks of entertaining and most people dressed to the nines.  On Friday night I went out and bought a new dress and shoes.  I only went to one shop for both, so my options were limited, but Glenn and I had a great night.  As we walked in, we met up with Jane Davila and Anna Williams, two of the international tutors.  I thought they might be sick of us by then, but they joined us for dinner and we then joined five lovely ladies from Sydney.  It was really pleasant and relaxed.  I only took two photos, but here they are:

Anna, Jane and

Our dinner companions with the Bernina sun glasses. Bernina sponsor the dinner

 This week provided four amazing new opportunities for me.  One I was offered before and thought I had lost; one that I have been chasing for a while; one that is an extension of previous opportunities and one that came purely out of extending the hand of friendship to a stranger who is now a friend.  A big week in all possible ways.  Now I just have to free up some time to make the most of these.




4 responses

23 04 2011
Marj Yip

thank you for the gift at AQC and thank you for your great company at the dinner. No I am not in the photo which I thank you for. We did have a great night.


24 04 2011

your welcome Marj. I hope you can use the fabric. I tried to get everyone in the photo, but I was too close. Next time maybe…..

24 04 2011
Kirsten Kreutzfeldt

Cecile, Marj has just pointed me to this blog. The photo makes me look like I am singing my head off – well, why wouldn’t I be? We had a wonderful time, wonderful company, wonderful tutors and some wonderful fabric in our delegates bag by your good self! many thanks – it was a joy to meet you. You were right about Jane’s classes – I have never had so much fun.
Kirsten 🙂

24 04 2011

you are very welcome. It was a lovely night and we also really enjoyed the company. I expected that Jane’s classes would be a hoot. She is very funny and just lovely. We will need to see what to do to get her back to Aus.
See you at Darling Harbour??????

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