Want to take part in a fibre art blog tour?

3 05 2011

I am going to.  Kathy York, a fabulous textile artist in the US has gathered some friends and asked them to create a three dimensional fibre house to be part of a textile village.  It looks amazing.  Then one day each, they will reveal (and hopefully discuss) each house.  The link for Kathy’s blog outlines the inception of the idea and can be found here.

The first house went up mid day our time yesterday and is amazing.  Each house must be made of fabric.

Susan Else (website)              May 2
Frances Holiday Alford        May 3
Pamela Allen (website)         May 4
Frieda Anderson                    May 5
Lisa Call                                   May 6
Jane Davila                             May 9
Naomi Adams                        May 10
 Jamie Fingal                          May 11
 Barb Forrister                       May 12
Vickie Hallmark                     May 13
Connie Hudson                      May 16
Leslie Jenison                         May 17
Sherri McCauley                    May 18
Judy Perez                              May 19
Melanie Testa                        May 20
Laura Wasilowski                 May 23
Kathy York                             May 24

If these hyperlinks don’t work, you can get them from Kathy’s site directly.  This looks to be a very inspirational and different ‘patchwork’ experience.  Hopefully it will encourage us all to stretch our boundaries.




3 responses

3 05 2011
Joy Vale

Thank you for this information. I certainly will be following. Had a look at the first one and yes, it is amazing. Love the 3D figures.

4 05 2011

You’ve hooked me as well. I had a look at the house with little women doing domestic things and was stunned. So beautiful, the colours, the shapes. Very clever. I noticed in the latest Cloth, Paper, Scissors that there is a house competition as well.

8 05 2011
pat dwyer

Have to admire these americans for their commitment to their craft..I have tried several times to get some challenges going on my yahoo group, I am usually disappointed at our response..maybe I should move to the USA. Thanks Cecile this project is fantastic….Guess we are all too busy..lol

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