Perth Quilt and Craft Show May 18-22

12 05 2011

We will be in Perth next week for the Quilt Show.  We will have a good representation of all our usual products, but not everything.  There will be plenty of fibres, magazines, dyes, paints, Lutradur, Tyvek, hand dyed fabrics, some books and all sorts of other things.

Each day I will run the following sessions and workshops:

9.45 on the Whats Hot Live Desk – Demonstrating the amazing reuseable Magic Stamps

10.30 in Workshop One – half an hour on incorporating Surface Designed fabrics into your patchwork and other projects.

12.00 in Workshop One – half an hour discussing how to incorporate different fabrics such as silks etc into your quilts.  Hot Fabrics – Cool Quilts!

1.00 in Craft Circle Four – a hands on experience using Shelley Stokes new Design Magic stencils to create positive/negative images on fabric with Shiva Stiks.

Finally I am collecting donations of high quality books and  magazines to take to Brisbane in June for Quilt groups that lost their library due to the recent flooding.  These are heavy and expensive to post, so if you would like to donate something, I will be sending it direct to Brisbane with my pallet.  You can also drop off sets of blocks, unfinished quilt tops or quilts.

We will have some great specials and new products, so come by and say hello.




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