Twelve Days of Christmas Project 1 – Wine Glass Charms

6 12 2011

These twelve projects are designed to be quick and easy – perfect for last minute gifts or stocking stuffers.  Ideally you won’t have to spend a lot of money either as they can be made from scraps and left over bits you will have in the cupboard and drawers.

The first of these are unique little wine glass identifiers or wine glass charms.  I have a sister in law (well, one of the six) who is very fastidious around glasses when we all get together for the family Christmas and other gatherings – you know who you are Gail – if you leave your glass unattended for a fraction of a second, it can disappear.  Also, when there are lots of us around, it can be difficult to remember exactly which glass is yours and there is nothing worse than thinking you are drinking a nice crisp Sav Blanc and to take a mouthful of something unmentionably sweet by accident.  So wine glass charms are popular.  As long as each one you make is distinct, all your wine related problems are solved.

This first project is so easy you might find your self making a dozen each for everyone you know.  Here is how.

You need:

either some thin metallic elastic or some fine loop jewellry findings; fine jewellery wire;some beads, charms, buttons or embellishments; scissors.

I am going to show you two options.  There are plenty of other ways you can achieve the same thing.

Version 1 – the easiest ever.

Cut about 15cms of your metallic elastic.  Tie the two ends together in a knot to form a loop.

then take a charm, button or embellishment (I am using Tim Holtz “Baubles” in this example).  Thread the looped end of your elastic through the clasp or button holes

Then feed the knot through the loop.  Pull down so that the loop secures itself against the charm.

Viola, you are done.  Now just make more varying the charms on the end.


Version 2 – add five minutes to the process!

Cut a length of fine jewellry wire between 15 and 20 cms.  Select a range of beads and string them onto the wire.  You can be semmetrical or not.  Like the last example, you can use buttons, embellishments, charms etc as well, but the beads are nice.

Leave two or three centimeters of wire out each end (unlike the photo above).  Fold both ends together and twist to form a loop and secure the beads.

Take your jewellry finding loops (the ones shown are cheap loop ear rings but you will find others).  Thread the two ends of the beaded wire through the loop on the findings.  Fold the wire over onto itself, pulling the beading to the top.  Twist two or three times to secure.  Cut off excess wire and twist tucking the ends into one of the beads.

Make each one different with different combinations of beads and buttons and you are good to go.


Presenting the gift:

you can buy some nice card from the newsagents and get some glue dots to secure each charm. Or you could get a little box and put some folded fabric or scrunched tissue paper in the bottom and place the charms neatly in there.  Alternatively you could place them in a small lace, organza or mesh bags and tie it around a bottle of bubbly.  What ever you do, I am sure they are a gift that will get used.

Please feel free to share these gift ideas with your friends.




One response

8 12 2011

Oh, these are really cute! I especially like the pearl on with the tassel. I think I’ll try making some with my own glass beads- thanks for the top post! Bex x

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