WordPress edited me!

6 12 2011

For those of you who subscribe to this blog and get the posts in your inbox, I have to apologise, WordPress decided to only send you the first bit in the email.  this messes with my head when it happens.  Sorry.  Click through to the blog and you will see the whole entry.





2 responses

6 12 2011

Hi Cecile, WordPress has been doing that to me for a few weeks now, with the blogs I subscribe to. Don’t know how to change it, but there is always a link to go to the full blog post.

6 12 2011

it is annoying, especially as I know so many people get the posts straight into their inbox. It looks unprofessional. Since it happened the first time, I have been making a copy before I press send so I don’t have to recreate all the words, but even still! Hope you are well and recovered from all your travels

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