12 Days of Christmas Project 7 – Card Holder Pegs – Lutradur and Felt

12 12 2011

I had made this project before I read Quilting Arts Gift, where they have featured a similar project.  However mine is different, theirs is much simpler, so I will share it with you anyway.

So, you need some wooden clothes pegs (can use plastic); gold spray paint; off cuts of Lutradur – I used Gold and Green; off cut of red wool felt; some cheap Christmas Brads or clips; craft glue and a heat gun.

I made 12 of these, but with a pack of 48 pegs being less than $2, you might decide to make all 48 up.

Start by placing your pegs on some paper or plastic.

Spray paint with gold spray paint.

Fold your Lutradur so that you have three layers – two gold and one green.  I doubled that over, so I had four layers of gold and two of green.  Pin to hold in place.  Trace circles on to the Lutradur.  You want the circle to have about a 2 inch diameter.  I used an egg cup.

Pin into the centre of each circle and cut out through all the layers.

Trace a similar sized circle onto you wool felt and then cut out.

Layer two gold, one green lutradur and one felt circle, spread the lutradur out a bit, with the felt on top.

Use the sharp point of you scissors and push through to make a small hole.

Push a brad through, open and press to secure.  Repeat for all your decorations, whether 12 or more.

Heat each one with a heat gun to distress and curl the lutradur.

Put a small blob of craft glue on the bottom end of one side of the peg.

Push a decoration onto each peg, hold it firmly until you are sure it wont shift.  Allow to dry and then peg to card to give as a gift.

Or use them yourself to peg cards to rope or tinsel or other items to your Christmas tree.






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