12 Days of Christmas Project 9 – Repurposed bracelets.

15 12 2011

Hi again,

today we have another ‘any one can make this’ project dressing up old or cheap plastic bracelets.  You might have a collection of old ones, might finds some in the op shops or could pick up cheap bracelets from the discount stores and dress them to suit a colour scheme more suited to the giftee or a particular outfit.  This is also one of those projects that is and looks very simple but the range of adaptations available can be mind blowing.

You need some bracelets, scraps of wadding, craft glue and yarn, ribbon or fabric scraps in the colours you want to use.  I have also used some iron on pearls and the heat wand thing-a-me that makes them stick.  This is optional but does really make a difference to the finished look.

I am going to show you two versions.

First choose a bracelet and measure how wide it is.  Cut a strip of wadding out to that width.  Put glue on the top surface of the bracelet and glue the wadding into place.  Trim to fit.  You can add multiple layers of wadding to increase the loft if you like.

Roll your yarn, cords or other narrow material into a ball which will fit easily inside the bracelets.  Hold or glue one end in place and wrap.

Place each wrap of yarn snuggly next to the previous one, leaving no gaps.

Once you have covered the full surface, trim the yarn and push the end under some of the layers.  Add a dab of glue to secure.

This next example is better for ribbon or strips of fabric.  I have used a strip of crushed silk satin.

Put glue on the end of the fabric or ribbon and hold it in place on the bracelet.

Wrap around the bracelet slightly overlapping each wrap.

Keep going until you have covered the whole surface and glue in place to hold.  Once this has dried, or however much later you find your heat wand (three days in my case), choose some iron on crystals, pearls or other elements and heat them to apply.  This next photo is a bit blurry, sorry.


Create patterns, apply them randomly, add different sizes and colours, what ever you like.  Then you are done.  Pop a couple in an organza bag or a nice box with some tissue paper and you have a lovely gift for that difficult to buy for teenage girl you know, secret Santa present or something to compliment your Xmas outfit.





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