12 Days of Christmas Project 11 – Felt Baby Mobile

18 12 2011

Okay, here is one for the very little people, but like each of the previous projects it is as much about the techniques and adapting the ideas.

Okay, what do you need?  You need a metal or cane ring of about 20 cm diameter or something to make one out of; 1.5 metres of ribbon to cover the ring;  scraps of felt in at least two colours; about 10cms of vliesofix or other double sided web; a small amount of toy stuffing; six metres of fine ribbon and 1.5 metres of cord; scissors, sewing machine, thread and a small amount of craft glue.  Optional is some felt bits, like felt balls or flowers.  If you don’t want to use those, you can just make more stars.

I got these at Spotlight some time ago when they were having a sale, but check out what you have in your drawers before spending any money.  They are optional and in the end I did not use the creatures, though I still might add them in later.  Chunky beads work as well.

Start by preparing your ring.  If you have one cover it with ribbon, if not, make the ring with wire or firm plastic, bind the ends together (I used sticky tape to hold it in place until I got the ribbon around the sides).

Use a dab of craft glue to hold your ribbon end in place. Cover the whole ring and glue the end down when finished.

Print and trace the large star onto some cardboard or template plastic and cut out.

Then, trace the star onto your felt.  Each length on your mobile needs two stars.  I wanted four stars in total, so cut out 4 pink stars and 4 purple stars

Print and trace 8 of the small stars onto your vliesofix or other double sided web.

Iron them onto contrasting felt.  In this case, I ironed four pink and four purple stars.

Cut these out on the lines and after removing the backing paper, iron to the centres of the larger stars.  Create contrast.

I had intended to stitch some pink buttons into the centres here and the project would have benefited from the addition of the buttons, however I could not find them, so gave up.  You might add buttons or other embellishments at this stage.  You could stitch around the small stars too, but I did not.  The mobile will be unlikely to get washed in the time it is used, so it probably won’t make any difference.

Pair up your stars, with the right sides out.  Stitch just inside of the outside edges leaving one side of one point open.

Insert a small amount of toy stuffing into the stars.  Push the stuffing into the points, but don’t worry too much about filling it all evenly,  you just want to get a bit of body in there and you can massage it into place when you have finished stitching it up.

Cut your ribbon into six half metre pieces.

Tuck one end of the ribbon into the open side of the star and with it tucked in a little, stitch the opening closed, catching the ribbon and holding it in place.  Repeat for your other stars.  Tie off any threads and trim away.

Make the felt flower lengths next.  To do this, tie a knot at the end of your remaining two lengths of ribbon and, one at a time, thread the ribbon into a tapestry or upholstery needle.  Push the needle through the felt bits stringing them onto the ribbon.  You may need to get some pliers to help you pull the needle through.  Pliers give you better grip and some leverage which helps pull the ribbon through the felt bits.

Once you have all six strings ready to go, tie them to the ring, varying the length so that each is a bit different.  Spread the six strings evenly around the ring.

Trim off the extra ribbon.

To create the hanger, cut your cord into three half metre lengths.  Tie the three together with a knot.  You might decide to add a loop or hook, but the knot will be sufficient and is easy.

Tie the three cords evenly around the ring, ensuring that the ring will be even and verticle when hung.

And you are done.




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18 12 2011
Joy V

Cecile, just loving these postings.

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