My Memory Quilt

31 12 2011

I posted a photo of this quilt on Facebook and got some questions about the pattern. There is not a pattern as I designed it myself, but I will describe what I did with loose measurements for you here.

The first step is preparing the photos.  I selected 20 and scanned them into my computer.  I then resized them so that they were all six inches square.  With hind sight, I should have made them six and a half inches square so that the seam allowance was not white.  This would have given me a bit of slippage for dodgy seams.

When they were resized, I converted them to grey scale and saturated the colour a little, increasing the contrast a small amount to make the images a bit crisper.  The better the quality of your photo at the beginning, the better your transfer will be.

I then opened a word document, set the page layout to Letter as the photo transfer paper I have is US sizes, not A4.  I inserted the photos, one per page, creating page breaks as I went.  Once I had all twenty saved in the document I printed them onto the photo transfer fabric watching my ink carefully so I did not run low.

Once printed, I left them to cure a bit (not necessary) and then cut them to 6 and a half inch squares.

I then started cutting my fabrics.  The design calls for 240 3 and a half inch squares.

Stitch all 240 into 120 pairs, ensuring that no two fabrics are the same in a pair.

 Set aside 22 pairs.

Take 20 pairs and stitch them into ten sets of one long line

Then, take the remaining 78 pairs and stitch them into 39 4 patches.

Press all the seams as you go.

Use the guide below for you layout.  The light grey four patch are you photos.  The dark grey four patches are your pieced four patches. The pink strips are, obviously your four squares sewn into a strip and the white pairs are you left over pairs.  Construct your 20 blocks.

To make the sashing you need 12 2.5 inch squares and 31 2.5 by 6.5 inch strips.  Construct the centre.

I then added 6.5 inch borders, quilted and bound the quilt.

Here is some detail

I had three photos that were longer than they were high, so I printed them at 6.5 by 9.5 inches and left off one of the pairs in each block.




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