3 Day Sale on Books and Magazines at Unique Stitching.

24 02 2012


this is a very very quick note.

Over the next few weeks I have a heap of new products coming and I simply don’t have the space, so I want to clear out some books and magazines. I am going to keep it really simple. All books and magazines currently in stock, including magazine subscriptions, will be 20% off from now until midnight Monday 27 February. If you already subscribe with me and want to take advantage of this amazing saving, I can extend your existing subscription. If you subscribe through someone else, you can nominate the edition you would like to start from. Just go to the website http://www.uniquestitching.com.au and click on Books or Magazines to see what is available.

We have a large range of fabulous books covering the traditional to the very very contemporary. Our magazines include Quilting Arts (QA); Cloth Paper Scissors (CPS); CPS Studios; Stitch; and specialist magazines such as Stitch, QA and CPS Gift; CPS Pages; and International Quilt Festival Quilt Scene.

Magazines include free postage within Australia.

You need to use a discount code at the point of checkout and that code is book.

I hope I will see you at Rosehill NSW between March 8-11 or AQC in Melbourne 12-15 April.





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