Making Metal Embellishments.

30 06 2012

Today I have been playing with some of my new toys and new products.  It has been FUN.  I have a project I am working on that is a bit funky, mixing fabric, encaustic wax, TAP, metal and some textural bits.  I decided I wanted to have contrast in my metals, so pulled out my embossing tools and metal paints.  The ones I am showing you today won’t make it into the project but a second set I did at the same time will.  Intriqued? Good!

So here is how you can make stunning metal shim embellishments, or at least one version.  I started with plain aluminium shim.  It has a silver look. 


I cut six smaller pieces – 2 by 2.5 inches square as these fit my Sizzix Embossing Folder. 


I then ran them through the embossing machiney thing (my favourite new toy – for today at least).  I used a ‘steam punk’ design of keys and gears.  This is how they turned out.


Cool, huh?

Then I pulled out the Vintaj Patina inks.  These are designed to adhere and seal metals.  I used three greens:


These come as a set – Weathered Copper. You don’t need much to colour your metals.  I worked on some baking paper to protect my bench top, though some would argue if I got enough paint on it, it would motivate me to take out the 1970s orange.


I used about double of what I originally put out, but you can see you don’t need much, just a few drops to get you started.  I then painted each of the pieces of shim with different amounts of the three colours.


These paints are very quick drying and have a lovely surface coverage. I really enjoyed this process as it was so quick.  Once they were dry, I took to them with a couple of emery boards.  I knew I had these for a reason, and it clearly is not to maintain my nails.  With the roughest side of the emery boards, I rubbed the paint off the raised surface of the embossing.  That let the silver back through.  SOOOO Cool.


These metal pieces can be shaped, rolled and most importantly stitched through.

If you want to have a go at this, some of the products I used are currently on my new website –  The remainder will be added when the stock gets through customs.

What do you think??




2 responses

1 07 2012
Jo Murray

Love the idea of embossing metal for art and craft projects. Will have to investigate the purchase of an embossing press.

1 07 2012

Hi Jo, you can emboss metal without the machine with a ball point pen or a bamboo skewer, but you won’t get the complexity of the designs that you can get with the embossing folders.

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